Featured Concessions 

A58 Milan Outer Ring Road

Location: Milan, Italy

AADT: 70,000

Length: 20 Miles

The A58 Milan Outer Ring Road is part of the external ring outside of Milan and serves 4.3 million people across four counties; connecting with three other road systems: A4, A35, and A1. This road system carries 70,000 vehicles per day across three lanes, a carriageway, and an emergency lane in both directions. This design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) was delivered in two phases. The first phase was the design and construction of the TEEM tunnel by Itinera; completed in July 2014. This project also utilizes recycled materials to extend the life of the project as well as utilizing PV panels, LED lamps with remote control, automatic speed and fog sensors, closed circuit cameras, and SOS safety units, among others. The concession began in May 2015 and runs for 50 years, concluding in 2065.

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A55 Turin Ring Road

Location: Turin, Italy

AADT: 430,000

Length: 50 Miles

The A55 Turin Ring Road is part of ATIVA concessions, also managing A5 Turin to Quincinetto and A4 Ivrea to Santhia. This is a DBFOM P3 concession with approximately 430,000 vehicles per day with a three lanes-two carriageway- and emergency lane configuration. Recycled durable materials were used to minimize interruption from maintenance and optimize project life cycle. Tolls are collected via highway pass subscription with cost savings to users. The A55 was developed in a congested urban environment with a concession period of 44 years, which expired in 2016. However, the Gavio Group continues to successfully operate this project under contract.

Eco Vias

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

AADT: 60,000

Length: 110 Miles

The Eco Vias toll concession in Sao Paulo is part of IGLI concessions and operated under Ecorodovias. This DBFOM P3 concession carries 66,000 vehicles per day across six lanes and seven toll plazas, from Sao Paulo through to Santos passing Sao Vicente, Praia Grande, and Guaruja respectively. This road system is the main connection for freight transport coming in from Santos Port to the Capital—Sao Paulo. This project has a 27-year concession period which concludes in 2025.

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Eco Ponte

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

AADT: 75,000

Length: 9 Miles

Eco Ponte is the largest toll bridge in the southern hemisphere, connecting Rio de Janeiro with the rest of the countryside. It services a population of 16.6 million people and carries 75,000 vehicles per day with two lanes in each direction and one toll plaza. Recycled materials were used to minimize future maintenance work and extend the life of the project. The concession period began in 2015 and concludes in 30 years.

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A4 Turin to Milan

Location: Turin, Italy

AADT: 105,000

Length: 81 Miles

The A4 Turin to Milan concession connects three counties in Northern Italy; Turin, Novara, and Milan and serves 5.5 million people in the region. The project scope included widening to include a third lane and carriageway in each direction, revision of tolls, and adaptation of highway configuration to accommodate high speed railway lines parallel to the highway. Recycled materials were used to extend the life and reduce the need for frequent maintenance interruptions. This DBFOM concession carries 105,000 vehicles per day across three lanes, a carriageway, and an emergency lane in both directions. The concession period began in the early 1990s and expires in 2026.