Itinera Infrastructure & Concessions (IIC), affiliated with Gavio Group, is a global developer providing all aspects of design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance, and technological innovation for large complex transportation P3 projects in North America. The Group is currently the third largest tolling concessionaire in the world, with over 100 years of related experience, almost 3,000 road miles under concession, and $25 billion in assets under management. The Group has 24 concessions worldwide, predominantly in Italy, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. Gavio Group is controlled by the Gavio Family holding company Aurelia (60% stake) and owned with Ardian (40% stake), a world-leading private investment house. 

The Gavio Group is vertically integrated with 24 concessions worldwide..png
SIAS is the main motorway operator in the North-West of Italy.png
EcoRodovias, jointly controlled with CR Almeida.png
Newcastle-Carlisle (A69), jointly managed with RoadLink.png

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