The Gavio Group was founded in the early 1900s by Marcello Gavio as an agricultural and logistics company in the Province of Allessandria, Northern Italy.

Over the last century, the Gavio family’s passion for transportation development is clear.  The Group continued with Marcello’s son Beniamino and then, towards the end of the 1950s, his two grandsons Marcellino and Pietro joined the company. 

The two brothers decide to enter the company from the start of their adult life, and soon they increase the family business by developing the traffic of agricultural goods towards the main ports in northern Italy and then, around the middle of the 1960s, began moving petroleum products on behalf of principal oil companies.

In years following, thanks to the great passion, will power and tenacity that has always characterized the two brothers, the Group expanded from the transport and logistics sector into the field of civil construction with the Edilvie Company – specialized in road paving – Itinera S.p.A., Codelfa and Marcora.

By the mid-1990s, the Group acquires one of the largest Italian construction companies – Grassetto Lavori – thus becoming one of the leading operators in the sector. The Group also diversifies its activities by going into the motorway concessions business, acquiring control over Satap, the Turin-Piacenza motorway and ASTM, the owner of the Turin-Milan motorway concession.

Thereafter, the Group continues operations in this sector, controlling the concession companies Salt (Liguria and Toscana motorway company), Autostrada dei Fiori, Autocamionale della Cisa, Sav, Asti-Cuneo and Turin-Savona with great success!

Today, Gavio Group has expanded into North America with the launch of Itinera Infrastructure & Concessions and is currently the third largest toll road operator in the world by road miles with 3,320 km of roads under concession.  It is the main toll road operator in the Northwest Italy (with approximately 1,460 km of road network under concession) and the second largest toll road operator in Brazil with the acquisition of Ecorodovias (managing approximately 1,860 km of roads).

For 75 years, the Group’s main civil construction company - Itinera S.p.A., has successfully built and delivered projects in 19 countries and currently has a $5 billion backlog. And in 2017, the company bought 50% of Halmar International, a leading civil construction company with a $1.3 billion backlog in New York, USA, to enter the North American infrastructure market as part of the Group’s global growth strategy.


Over the years the Gavio family has continued to expand, innovate, and solve some of the most complex infrastructure challenges.  Twenty-five years the Group entered the concessions market and began leveraging the flow of information through its innovation technology company, Sinelec.  It also has its own in-house engineering capabilities with Sina.  And in recent years, the Group enhanced its brand portfolio, acquiring yachting companies: Baglietto, Cantieri Cerri, and most recently Bertram in the US market.